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Types of Special License Plates in North Carolina - DMV.ORG.

If you're ready to apply, visit our Applying for Special License Plates page. Antique NC Plates. Special license plates are available for classic cars that are considered antique vehicles. To be eligible for antique plates, your vehicle must be: Manufactured vehicle must be 30 years old or older. Inspected by the NC DMV to ensure it is safe to ....


Types of Specialty License Plates | DMV.ORG.

Specialty License Plates in Your State. Every state offers a variety of specialty license plates to registered vehicle owners.. Many specialty plates, like plates for charities and other organizations, can help raise money for special causes or groups.. Personalized license plates allow you to create a custom tag for your vehicle within the guidelines of the state's DMV..


Types of Special License Plates in Alabama - DMV.ORG.

SUMMARY: Types of Special License Plates in Alabama. When you get a license plate in Alabama, you can choose from a number of specialty plate types.You can order personalized tags or plates that reflect special interests or causes.If you meet certain qualifications, you can also get a military license plate or vintage plates..


Types of Special License Plates in New York - DMV.ORG.

SUMMARY: New York Specialty License Plates. Many custom license plates are offered to New York residents, from personalized license plates to picture plates for causes, sports teams, and many other interests. Military license plates and historic vehicle tags are also available if ....


Types of Special Plates in Florida (Customized & More) | DMV.ORG.

FL Military License Plates. Specialty license plates for military veterans and service members are also available in Florida, including plates for: The National Guard. U.S. Paratroopers. Vietnam War Veterans. Silver Star recipients. Operation Desert Storm Veterans. The Florida DHSMV website has a complete list of military license plates..


Types of Special License Plates in New Jersey - DMV.ORG.

Organizational License Plates. New Jersey offers specialty plates for dozens of different organizations, schools, charities, and interests. Community Organization Tags. License plates that support various community and service organizations are available from the NJ MVC, including: Kiwanis International. Fraternal Order of Police. AMVETS..


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Antique License Plates. Antique license plates are for vehicles that are: 35 years old or older. Unchanged from their original design, unless changes are for safety requirements. AND; Titled as antique vehicles. The fee for an antique plate is $45.50. Antique license plates don't expire, but you must pay property tax..


Types of Special License Plates in Colorado - DMV.ORG.

The Colorado DMV offers a number of specialty license plates, including plates for: Charities and other special groups. Colleges and universities. Charity and Special Group Plates. Most Colorado charity and special group plates are available to anyone who pays the required fees and/or donation. Examples include license plates for: Pet adoption..


Types of Special License Plates in Mississippi - DMV.ORG.

For a complete list of special group plates, and other specialty plates, see the MS DOR website. These license plates often require proof that you are a member of the organization, such as a membership card. Contact your Mississippi county tax commissioner's office for specific eligibility requirements. Fees for Group License Plates.


Delaware License Plates & Placards Information | DMV.ORG.

The DE DMV issues a range of license plate designs covering a range of topics, occupations, and vehicle types. Personalized plates are also available. For details about the specialty plates offered by the DE DMV, see our Types of Specialty Plates page. If you're ready to apply, get the information you need from our Special Plates Application page..


Types of Special License Plates in South Carolina - DMV.ORG.

Types of specialty license plates include: Organizational plates for charities, non-profits, and other groups. Collegiate license plates. Sports license plates. Organizational Tags. Organizational license plates are available for a range of groups, from charities to ....


Apply for Ohio Special License Plates (Personalized & Other) - DMV.ORG.

SUMMARY: Apply for a Specialty Ohio License Plate. In Ohio, you may order most specialty and personalized plates online, by phone, by mail, or in person. Historical and collector plates must be ordered by phone. Certain plates have eligibility requirements you must fulfill. You can renew your plates for an annual fee and replace them for a small fee if they are lost or stolen..


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SUMMARY: Apply for a Specialty Oregon License Plate. In Oregon, you can apply for a number of specialty plates in person with your local DMV. You may also personalize many types of plates. To renew these plates, you'll simply renew your registration.You may also replace your plates for a minimal fee, and you can change your plate type at any time. Should you sell a ....


Disability License Plates & Placards in Arkansas | DMV.ORG.

Disability license plates: Standard registration fees. NOTE: If you are applying in person, take your identification with you. If applying by mail, send a copy of your proof of identity. Either submit your application in person at an AR revenue office or mail your documents and payment to: Department of Finance and Administration Special ....


Types of Special License Plates in Georgia - DMV.ORG.

For a complete list of special cause license plates and their fees, see the GA DOR website. For application details, see our Applying for Special License Plates page. Collegiate Plates. License plates are available for Georgia universities, out-of-state schools, and Greek organizations. Some available plates include those for: Emory University..


Types of Special License Plates in Washington - DMV.ORG.

For more information about personalized plate applications, see Applying for Special License Plates. Special Design License Plates. The WA DOL offers special plates for: Organizations and charities. Colleges and universities. Parks and the environment. Most special design plates can be personalized for additional fees..


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TX License Plates. When registering, you will need to get new license plates or transfer the license plates from your old vehicle. New License Plates. You will be given general issue license plates when you register your vehicle for the first time. You can replace your plates at your local county tax assessor's office..