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Our Disability Plates and Placards page has complete information. Types of Massachusetts License Plates. All MA motor vehicles must have license plates issued by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV). Most vehicles must display 2 license plates; one the back and another on the front of the vehicle..

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Jan 01, 2015 . License plate and registration fees vary by vehicle type and the county you reside in. The fees below DO NOT include other registration fees, taxes, or service fees that you must pay annually. New, renewal, replacement and transfer of standard plates will vary by vehicle weight, type of vehicle, where you reside and whether you have 2 license plates or 1 license plate..

Disability License Plates & Placards in Massachusetts | DMV.ORG.

Permanent disability placards. Disability license plates. Disabled veteran plates. Disability placards or plates allow you to park in designated disabled parking spaces. Traveling with Disabilities. If you are traveling to MA from another state, you can use your home state placard or plate for handicapped parking in Massachusetts..

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Get more information about disabled parking plates by visiting our Disability Placards & Plates page. Types of Illinois License Plates. To drive your vehicle in Illinois, you must have license plates issued by the Illinois Secretary of State (SOS). Standard Illinois license plates have a blue and white background, with red letters and numbers..

Disability License Plates & Placards in Arkansas | DMV.ORG.

SUMMARY: Arkansas Disability License Plates & Placards. If you have a disability and you're a resident of Arkansas, you can apply for a disability placard or license plate to use handicapped parking places. Find details below about disability placards and license plates, such as applying for placards and plates, renewing different types of permits, and replacing lost or stolen ....

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New license plates: $25 PLUS registration fees and taxes. Plate renewal: Varies by vehicle weight and county of residence. Replacement license plates: Stolen or lost plates with a police report are free; Damaged license plates or lost/stolen plates without a police report: $12.50 for 1 license plate. $25 for 2 license plates..

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A new Physician's Statement for Disabled License Plates or Placards (Form 1776). NOTE: If you are at least 75 years old OR a military veteran, you do not need a physician's statement to renew. You can submit your renewal by mail to the address on the notice or in person at a MO DMV office. Replace Disability Placards & License Plates.

Disability License Plates & Placards in New Mexico | DMV.ORG.

You can receive license plates for 2 vehicles, and your vehicle registration fees will be waived. Renew NM Placards & Plates. All New Mexico disability placards and license plates expire and must be renewed. Their validity periods are: Permanent placards: 4 years. Temporary placards: 1 ....

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See our Applying for Specialty License Plates page to learn how to apply. Need a disability parking permit? Visit Disability Placards & Plates for more information. Vanity Plates in Massachusetts. MA vanity plates allow you to create your own custom tag number. To be approved, your chosen tag number must follow the MA RMV's rules:.

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SUMMARY: Delaware Disability Plates & Placards. Delaware residents with disabilities can apply for a disability permit from the DE DMV, which issues both placards and license plates for handicapped parking. Placards and plates must be renewed, with several renewal options, including online. Lost or stolen placards or plates can also be replaced..

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Hearing impaired license plates or placards for those with a hearing impairment certified by a doctor. For more information about these license plates, including application requirements and fees, contact your local county clerk's office or the TN DMV at (888) 871-3171. Renew TN Handicap Placards & Plates. Disability placards and license ....

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Replacing Plates or Tags. To replace lost, stolen, or damaged license plates or validation stickers, contact your local county treasurer's office or the Nebraska DMV at (402) 471-3918. You may need to complete paperwork to explain what happened to your plates or stickers. You will also need to pay replacement fees:.

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SUMMARY: Oklahoma License Plates. You can apply for license plates in Oklahoma by registering your vehicle at an OK tag agency. You'll need to renew your plates by renewing your vehicle registration. If you get another vehicle, you can transfer your OK tags to it when you register the new car. Oklahoma requires vehicles to display valid tags, so if your tags are lost, stolen, or ....

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Renew ME Disability Placards & Plates. All handicapped placards and license plates expire after a certain time: Temporary disability placards: 6 months. Permanent disability placards: 4 years. Disability license plates expire when your car registration expires. You CANNOT renew a temporary placard. If you need it longer, you must apply for the ....

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Keep reading for information about the types of specialty plates offered by the Michigan Secretary of State (SOS). NOTES: For complete details about disability parking plates, see our Disability Plates & Placards page.; To learn more about applying for special plates, visit our Special Plates Application page.; Personalized Michigan Plates.

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Registration and titling, registration renewal, license plates, temporary plates and placards, etc. Boat licensing and registration in the state is handled by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife department, NOT the CO DMV. If you wish to vote in your new state and county, you'll need to register with the Colorado Secretary of State. If you should ....